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We Are Thankful and Blessed This Thanksgiving

Every Customer Matters at AllStarr Car Care & Brakes

We are thankful and blessed this Thanksgiving. At AllStarr Car Care, we could not be more thankful for our customers! From the 20-year long-timers, to the newest people entrusting us to depend on vehicle safety, our staff strives to provide excellent customer service. Our goal is peace of mind when making decisions pertaining to your vehicle. We are eager to help people that routinely visit us or the first-time stop ins!

This is because when it comes to Thanksgiving and the holiday season travel remains the key. It’s true, no matter what old or new traditions you and your family may have. Whether you regularly gather at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, go on a mini vacation getaway, or get ready to find the first bargains, your vehicle must be ready and safe. We are thankful when customers turn to us and our skilled technicians for outstanding customer service.

Traditional Family Fun and Food Celebrations

Most traditions for the American Thanksgiving holiday center around food and family. It is always one of the busiest travel days of the year. This is partly because many families share in preparing the food. Traditional foods to feast on include turkey, stuffing (or dressing, depending on location), gravy, sweet potatoes, or cornbread. Others enjoy mashed potatoes, a variety of vegetables, and cranberry sauce, along with pies for dessert.

Some additional fun traditions that families enjoy while gathered together for the Thanksgiving holiday might include:

Watching Television Featuring Parades, Sports, and Holiday Programs

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City has something for everyone—from floats and marching bands, to huge helium-filled balloons and more. It draws more than three million people to The Big Apple to watch the festivities, and the parade ends with the appearance of Santa Claus signaling the start of the holiday season. Football and other sports also feature highly on TV, with time set aside over one or more days for high school, college, and professional football. Some families make football a tradition and play right in their own backyard while everyone is together. Kids of all ages love to watch fun cartoons and movies on video that focus on the holidays like “The Miracle on 34th Street,” or “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”

Telling Stories Around the Table

While family members come and go amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be a fine time to indulge in some storytelling. Whether everyone chips in with stories of their own, or you focus on a retelling of the original Thanksgiving, storytelling can be a fun and eye-opening tradition. Many families use it as a time to focus on what they are thankful for. Some plan ahead to contribute Thanksgiving trivia, so everyone can share in relating a little something. An interesting tidbit of trivia is that turkey was not a feature of the menu at the first Thanksgiving. Another that appeals to the kids is knowing the tradition of the President pardoning the turkeys at the White House.

Nothing But the Best on the Table

Thanksgiving and the holiday season can be when most families bring out the good china, finer glassware, tablecloths, napkins, and cutlery. Bringing out family heirlooms can generate talk about the people, places, and traditions that have long been part of your heritage. Some of the more craftier family members may spend time putting together a festive centerpiece on the table, writing place cards, decorating with candlelight, cornucopias, and more. It is a time to get everyone in the mood for a festive holiday meal as well as provide the feelings of beauty and abundance that come with the fall harvest season.

Technical Know-How, Experience, and Training You Can Trust

AllStarr Car Care & Brakes recognizes the importance of just how much goes into making any sort of holiday plan a success. This is why we are so grateful to our team of service technicians. Our technicians have years of experience they enjoy sharing with customers. After we inspect your vehicle, our technician will take you out to your vehicle and physically show you the concern. We will explain it thoroughly to be sure you are aware of the problem, repair, and total cost. We take pride in our knowledge and are here to assist.

Our technicians work vigorously to maintain up-to-date information on new vehicles. The data systems we have access to allow us to look up specific concerns to help narrow down your repairs. For example, most newer vehicles require a full synthetic motor oil. We are fully stocked and ready to answer any questions you may have. Your check engine light can come on for more than 200 reasons. Our technicians have the diagnostic equipment to determine the concern and advise you of repairs needed.

Modern Traditions Can Deepen Our Thanks in Healthy Ways

Speaking of newer vehicles reminds us that there are newer ways to celebrate around Thanksgiving. These can add to the many ways we are thankful. Some take a bit of personal dedication, while others may best be enjoyed as a group. We discussed a number of the more traditional ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Consider these modern traditions that can deepen our thanks in healthier ways and contribute to our peace of mind:

Helping Others Less Fortunate

While the holiday that embodies abundance, Thanksgiving is a great time to those less fortunate. Support a tradition of service by participating in canned food drives or volunteer to serve food at homeless shelters. Some families forgo their own larger feast for a more moderate one. They then donate the savings to their church, a local food bank, or other civic group helping those in need. With so many families in hardship, this type of aid may be of great need.

Wishes After the Meal

These newer traditions can combine older and modern efforts together. Splitting the wishbone from the turkey can bring young ones together in a friendly competition. Who will be the lucky one to make a wish? However, some may follow a vegan diet or who discourage this type of competition. Another way to ‘make a wish’ is where everyone can contribute to the outcome. As a means of giving thanks, family members may make one or more donations to a children’s charity. Organizations like Make a Wish often accept donations to holiday efforts for young people they serve. Sharing blessings in this way reminds family members they are part of a larger community. We are all part of one that exists beyond the dinner table.

Focus on Healthier Changes to Be Thankful and Blessed This Thanksgiving

Modern views on diet and exercise come together in a grateful way when families embrace healthier attitudes. Age, environmental, or health concerns may cause family members to embrace a plant-based diet. Make it a fun focus to share delicious recipes for traditional favorite dishes. The holidays can be a great time to try an abundance of alternative foods, from dips to entrees. Some take the tradition of family football out of the backyard and expand it. This may include physical activities like bike rides, walking, and hiking as a group. From Thanksgiving the holidays can be hectic, so working off some of the feast can ‘kick off’ a healthier lifestyle. Harvest time is often a great time for non-profits to raise money by holding walks and runs. Donating, sponsoring, and participating in a charity walk or run might be just the endeavor for your family’s newest tradition.

Embracing or Avoiding the Holiday Crunch

Each may have its benefits, so perhaps you have your own opinions on when the holiday season truly begins. Families gathered for Thanksgiving choose to support each other in a variety of ways. This can include determining the start of the holiday season. You may choose to focus less on saving money at the store and focus more on being thankful for family. For added peace of mind, make it a point to talk with your loved ones. Deciding whether to embrace the special sales can help you feel that much more ready for the upcoming holidays.

AllStarr Car Care & Brakes are Thankful and Blessed This Thanksgiving

The family at AllStarr Car Care & Brakes are thankful and blessed this Thanksgiving. Perhaps you plan to dash from the dining table to travel to the store, or take the family out for a hike to celebrate the changing seasons. We intend to serve your family for years and years to come! Whether you’re a long-time customer or it’s your first time, we look forward to providing exceptional customer service. Feel free to spread the word and help others find their “dependable car people.”

Please acknowledge all the things you are blessed with. Even in hard times, remember the Lord provides. Give your worries to Him and be thankful! Thank you for being our valued customer. It is our pleasure to serve you. In a world filled with so many choices and possibilities, we thank you for selecting us.


Schedule your holiday car service checks now by calling AllStarr Car Care & Brakes at (304) 768-8848. Revisit our blog for future updates and follow us on Facebook. Our technicians offer top customer service for greater peace of mind to feel thankful and blessed this Thanksgiving!

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