Starting the New Year with the Family of AllStarr Car Care & Brakes

A New Year is Exactly What We Have Been Waiting For—Here Comes 2021

Our family is AllStarr Car Care has been ready for starting the new year 2021 since March. Let’s add some joy to your outlook. We ask that everyone hang up their sad face and begin by starting the new year off right!

We know the difficulties of recent times—kids not attending school, struggling to pay bills, and depression concerns from confinement.

Despite our many struggles, the start of the new year 2021 gives us the chance of a fresh beginning. The January calendar gives us many days to set this new year on a good path. It all begins with the main focus of safety.


As We Stay Safe, Remember Your Life is Important to Continue

If this past year taught us anything, it is how valuable each moment is both at work and at home. From the smallest viral germ to our environment, we all have roles to play in keeping ourselves and others safer. The team at AllStarr Car Care & Brakes does our best to stay healthy.

AllStarr Car Care will continue to maintain the best preventative practices possible. Our technicians will be wearing masks in your vehicle and while talking to you. We will use seat and steering wheel covers to prevent the spread of germs, and use disposable gloves where necessary.

In our waiting area, we will continue to wear masks. Winter brings a lot of other well-known illnesses to our area without the additional worry of COVID. Let’s all do our part to stay safe and healthy!


Starting the New Year with a Look at Other Important Beginnings

The beginning of every wintertime trip in your vehicle can sometimes feel like it’s a roll of the dice. Will the engine start? Visiting AllStarr Car Care & Brakes for regular maintenance can greatly increase the odds of surer starts on cold winter mornings.

BLOG 7 photo # 2These cold mornings also lead to several vehicle issues. The most common is a dead battery. You can prevent battery and starter problems by having your battery tested prior to winter.

A faulty battery can be a problem at any time of the year. Our technicians will place a heavy load on your vehicles’ battery and be sure it is testing to where it needs to. You may also want to check the car battery buying guide from Consumer Reports for more details.

Link Consumer Reports to


Starting the New Year by Wiping Away the Old

We can also start the new year 2021 by taking a good look at the wipers on our vehicle. We put wipers through a lot in West Virginia. Your wipers could experience warmth, snow, freezing temps and direct sun all in one day. They are out through various situations daily.

Perhaps one of the worst times to discover problems with your wipers is during winter, when ice and snow accumulate. Spraying window washing fluid can feel like an easy way to clear away some of the salt and grime. However, it is also when you notice the streaks of older wipers.

Wipers have a thin rubber material that can get dry rotted and torn. Replacing these older wipers prior to the snow fall is a great idea. So visit AllStarr Car Care for fresh vehicle wipers that will not compromise your vision. New wipers will help you see when you are in a downpour or through heaps of falling snowflakes.


Lights to Brighten Wherever You Plan to Go

Your vehicle lights are important throughout the year, but even more now that we are in winter. While the days are getting longer now, the mornings are very dark. And for many the drive home is very dark as well.

It is important that others can see you—and nobody likes an officer or trooper pulling you over while traveling late at night in the cold to say your car has a light or signal out. Turn signals, brake lights and headlights are crucial while traveling in the dark.

Our AllStarr Car Care technicians will inspect all your exterior lights to be sure they are working. It is part of our maintenance with every car in our shop. If you do need a replacement, it only takes a few moments. These few moments will save you time and maybe an unexpected stop this season, which would be a bright spot indeed.


Let Us Know How We Might Help You

Of course, we could call these three things typical problems. Maybe you have other questions about operating your car in the winter? If so, just let us know. Get in touch with the pros at AllStarr Car Care & Brakes any time. Get the answers you need, especially about starting the new year with the right maintenance.

We are here for our customers who need important services for the vehicles they love to drive. Our technicians want everyone to stay safe—on the road, in our shop, at home, and everywhere in between. This is what we mean when we talk about starting the new year right, from our family to yours.


Starting the New Year Thankful for Small Businesses

Please continue to stay safe, place your faith in the Lord, and continue to take care of yourself. The grace of God and the kindness of friends will see us through. Support your small businesses and “ this too shall pass.”

In 2021 AllStarr Car Care will continue to be here for you. Here is to starting the new year ahead with a great beginning! Thank you for your support.


Schedule maintenance by calling AllStarr Car Care & Brakes at (304) 768-8848. Our technicians offer top customer service and get you back on the road with greater peace of mind. Revisit our blog for future updates and follow us on Facebook. We look forward to starting the new year!