AllStarr Car Care Provides Professional Recommendations for Oil Changes

We stand behind the industry standard recommendations of replacing conventional oil every 3,000 miles and full synthetic oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. For more information, please call the professionals at AllStarr Car Care today at (304) 768-8848.

Benefits of AllStarr Helping to Maintain Clean Oil for Your Vehicle

There are several benefits of maintaining clean, fresh oil in your vehicle. These benefits include:

– Assistance with Keeping the Engine Cool
– Extension of Engine Life
– Assistance with Maintaining Engine Hygiene

– Protection against Friction Damage
– Helps Keep Debris, Such as Dirt and Metal Shards, Away from Critical Components and Deposits Them in the Filter

AllStarr Car Care & Brakes Provides Clean, Fresh Oil, Lube, & Filters

Maintaining recommended oil change intervals is essential to prolonged engine life. With each oil service, our technician will drain all overused engine oil and replace the contaminated filter. Next, we refill with fresh engine oil to provide protection for all metal-to-metal contacts as well as maintaining cooler engine temperatures.

AllStarr Can Provide You With
the Right Oil for Your Car

Different vehicles require different engine oils. We stock several of the most common engine oils daily. We offer a conventional, a synthetic blend, and full synthetic engine oil. We also offer Dexos-approved engine oil.

Our technician will also educate you on what oil your newly purchased investment contains.