Get regular oil changes every 3000 miles or 3 months at Allstarr Car Care in South Charleston, WV Visit Allstarr Car Care for fresh oil and a new filter in South Charleston, WV Allstarr Car Care offers traditional and synthetic oil in South Charleston, WV

The Benefits of Clean, Fresh Oil, Lube, & Filters

Keeping a clean oil filter and fresh oil in your vehicle is one of the most important maintenance tasks for proper automobile care. Allstarr Car Care & Brakes performs full-service oil changes. We remove the old oil and filter from your vehicle and send them both to the recycling center to be reprocessed. We then replace the old, clogged and contaminated filter with a fresh new filter and clean, fresh oil to protect your engine’s moving internal components from the damage caused by friction and the wear and tear of high-speed metal-on-metal contact. We also lubricate all critical moving components to protect them against friction degradation, as well.

There are several benefits of maintaining clean, fresh oil in your vehicle. These benefits include:

• Assistance with Keeping the Engine Cool
• Extension of Engine Life
• Assistance with Maintaining Engine Hygiene
• Protection against Friction Damage
• Helps Keep Debris Such as Dirt and Metal Shards Away from Critical Components and Deposits Them in the Filter

Regular oil changes are recommended every three months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Allow Allstarr Car Care & Brakes help you keep your vehicle running in prime condition all year long. Protect your vehicle against premature engine degradation, increase fuel efficiency, and help extend the usable life of your engine with an oil change today! Contact Allstarr Car Care & Brakes to schedule an oil, lube, and filter service today: 304-768-8848.

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Choose from Conventional or Synthetic Oil

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes offers two types of oil for you to choose from: conventional and synthetic. While conventional oil is adequate for the job of protecting your engine against the perils of engine wear when kept changed at regular intervals, it pales in comparison to the protective capabilities of the modern synthetic oils of today.

Synthetic oil is refined, purified, and distilled to a much cleaner and purer state than conventional oil. Synthetic oil offers several significant advantages:

• Cold weather does not affect its flow rate as much as conventional oil
• It does not break down and form “sludge” on internal engine components
• It maintains its protective properties for much longer than conventional oil
• Synthetic oil offers increased protection by keeping the engine running cleaner for a longer period of time
• Synthetic oil withstands high temperatures much better than conventional oil