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Tune-Ups, Oil & Fluid Changes, Repairs, & Parts Replacement

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes provides a variety of vehicle maintenance services for cars and trucks, including fluid changes and replacement of consumable parts. Some of our most popular services are:
• Belt Services
• Comprehensive Tune- Ups
• Computerized Diagnostic Services
• Fuel Injection System Cleaning and Servicing
• Hose Repair & Replacement
• Lubrication Services
Oil & Filter Change
• Radiator Flush & Fill
Brake Services

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Maintenance Packages

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes offers affordable and convenient maintenance packages that include all the manufacturer's suggested regularly scheduled interval services that typically include:

Every 3 Months or 3,000 Miles, Check and Service (as necessary):
• Battery, Cables, & Spark Plugs
• Chassis Lubrication
• Condition of Belts & Hoses
• Engine Air Filter
• Engine Oil
• Lights
• Power Steering Fluid Level & Condition
• Transmission Fluid Level
• Wheel Alignment


Manufacturer's Suggested Service Schedule

Please note that your vehicle manufacturer's suggested service schedule likely varies from the general information listed above and critical maintenance tasks must be completed at regular intervals. View your owner's manual or contact Allstarr Car Care for the most relevant recommendations for your vehicle. You should become familiar with regularly checking to ensure that your vehicle has the proper:
• Engine Oil Level
• Windshield Washer Fluid Level
• Light Functions
• Tire Inflation & Condition

Our staff can assist you with learning how to check these critical items, if necessary. Your transmission fluid, brake fluid, and other fluids should be inspected and changed as necessary, as well. The following should be replaced when these mileage levels are reached:
• 3,000 Miles: Replace Oil & Oil Filter
• 15,000 Miles: Replace Air Filter
• 20,000 Miles: Inspect & Replace Battery and Coolant, if Necessary
• 25,000 Miles: Replace Fuel Filter
• 30,000 Miles: Replace Air Filter & Power Steering Fluid
• 35,000 Miles: Replace Battery
• 40,000 Miles: Replace Spark Plugs & Wires; Inspect Ignition & Suspension
• 60,000 Miles: Replace Brake Pads, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Radiator Hoses, Timing Belt, & Power Steering Fluid

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The Importance of Replacing Your Cabin Air Filter

The importance of replacing your cabin air filter on a regular basis cannot be overstated. Typically, you will want to replace your contaminated cabin air filter with a fresh one every 15,000 miles or each year.

The cabin air filter is frequently overlooked. However, the cabin air filter is an important component of your vehicle’s efficient functioning, as well as your health. When this filter becomes old and clogged it can negatively affect:
• The efficiency of your vehicle’s air conditioning system and defroster
• Your health & the integrity of your vehicle: A damaged or clogged cabin air filter can allow contaminants such as pollutants, allergens, exhaust fumes, road and brake dust, noxious odors, and other harmful airborne particles into the interior of your vehicle where they can wreak havoc on your health and the condition of your vehicle’s upholstery.

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes can replace your fouled cabin air filter with a clean, new filter equipped with activated carbon and baking soda to absorb contaminants. This provides you with fresh, healthy air for your vehicle’s efficiency as well as your breathing enjoyment.

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes also offers special customer discounts on a variety of additional maintenance service packages. Please see our Specials page for additional information.

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