Professional Vehicle State Inspection & Accessory Replacement

AllStarr Car Care stands proud of being a reputable state inspection station for more than 20 years. Our technicians thoroughly inspect your vehicle to meet the safety standards in West Virginia. Your vehicle’s brakes require replacement approximately 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Divers vary from constant braking, easy braking, or hard braking. When your brake pads get close to a minimum, we will inform you to ensure replacement before it becomes a safety hazard. The certainty that you and your passengers are safe, is our pleasure.

Quality Filters by AllStarr Car Care & Brakes

Most vehicles have two air filters. One is the engine air filter that filters the air that circulates through the engine. Gas mileage is one of the biggest concerns when this filter becomes contaminated, restricting airflow. The cabin air filter generally sits behind the glove box and filters the air you and your passengers breathe when the heat or air conditioning is on. 

Keeping this filter clean will reduce the amount of pollen and dust that can spark allergies and or respiratory concerns.

Premium Fluids by AllStarr Car Care & Brakes

AllStarr offers several preventive fluid exchanges including coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, differential fluid, and in some cases, transmission fluid. These services are recommended at mileage intervals and are critical to your engines performance! We also provide a premium oil change for your vehicle. Upon your vehicles arrival, our technician will inspect all lights, belts, hoses, and wipers. They will fill all vital fluids to proper levels, remove and inspect engine air filter, inspect cabin air filter, drain old engine oil, replace the contaminated filter, and fill the filter with clean engine oil to the proper level.

AllStarr Car Care Provides
Routine Services on Most Vehicles

Engine Mounts

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