Rotors and brake pads at Allstarr Car Care in South Charleston, WV Allstarr Car Care offers brake service and replacement in South Charleston, WV Allstarr Car Care offers a variety of brake pad types in South Charleston, WV

We Install Brake Pads, Drums, Shoes, & Rotors

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes provides comprehensive brake repair and replacement. The services provided by our brake technicians include repair/replacement of:

• Antilock Brakes
• Brake Drums
• Brake Pads
• Brake Shoes
• Rotors


Signs that Your Brakes Need to be Replaced Soon

There are several signs to watch out for that may signal that your brakes need to be replaced soon. Pay attention to the following signs:

• Brake Pedal Feels “Mushy” or Hard to Depress
• Brake Warning Light Appears
• Grinding or Loud Metallic Sound Heard While Applying Brakes
• Jerky Stopping
• Manual Pumping is Required to Achieve Successful Stop
• Vehicle Veers to One Side When Stopping
• Wheels Become Very Hot Following Short Trips (Odor, Smoke, etc.)

If you notice any of the above signs or any other issues that you think may indicate impending brake failure, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Allstarr Auto Care & Brakes immediately.

Your brakes are the single most critical component of your vehicle and they must be maintained in excellent working condition. Contact us right away for your routine or emergency brake inspection or repair: 304-768-8848.

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes Serves Kanawha County and Putnam County

Find out more by giving us a call at Allstarr Car Care & Brakes, serving customers from the South Charleston, West Virginia area, including:

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•Dunbar, West Virginia

Types of Brake Pads: Ceramic, Semi-Metallic, NAO, & Low-Metallic NAO

Allstarr Car Care & Brakes can resurface your rotors or drums. We can also install new ones, if necessary, and perform all brake-related services, as well. We install several types of brake pads:

NAO (Non-Asbestos Organic):
These softer brake pads are made of materials including glass, rubber, fiber, etc. They are quieter than the others. However, they create a lot of brake dust.

Low-Metallic NAO Brake Pads:
Constructed of mainly organic materials with copper and steel added to assist with braking effectiveness and transfer of heat, low-metallic brake pads tend to be louder and produce large amounts of brake dust.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads:
Commonly constructed with a mixture consisting of approximately 30-60% of metals such as steel wool, copper, and other metals and materials, these brake pads are known for their durability. However, they are also known for wearing down rotors at an accelerated rate due to their superior durability.

Ceramic Brake Pads:
These cost a little more than the other brake pads because they are constructed from ceramic fibers. They produce less noise and brake dust and provide superior stopping power without excessive rotor wear and tear.