Back to School! Is Your Vehicle Ready?

Roll On to College with the Pros at AllStarr Car Care & Brakes

Is your vehicle ready for college? Focusing on school work is stressful enough. Don’t let vehicle repairs slow you down.

Now is the time to schedule back-to-school car maintenance and vehicle checks. As you are getting ready to head back to campus and hit the books, remember what fall and winter driving can be like in the Charleston area. Make sure your tires, brakes, engine, and every part of your vehicle is ready with a visit to the pros at AllStarr Car Care & Brakes.

Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle, a used vehicle, or taking the ten-year-old family gem back and forth, have trust in it! No matter the age of your vehicle, with AllStarr you can drive along area roads with confidence. We help many area drivers get ready for back to school affordably.


Check with AllStarr Before Your New Car Purchase

If you choose to purchase a new vehicle, there are many things to consider other than the exterior color. The options and accessories today alone can be overwhelming. Many new car buyers may not look further into other important new car needs, such as engine oil.

Most newer vehicles require a full synthetic engine oil. This oil has additives that improve the engine’s performance and increase its lifespan. AllStarr offers a full synthetic oil in 0W20 and 5W30, both Dexos-approved.

Other things to consider include HDMI headlamps, amount of oil the vehicle holds, the availability of parts for future repairs, and common issues reported with a specific model. Our technicians have several databases to provide you all the information you may need when you begin your new vehicle search.


Used Vehicle Plans? Make the Grade with an AllStarr Car Inspection

Most people purchase a used vehicle. More affordable and still new to you! When you have a vehicle in mind bring it by AllStarr for a used car inspection. This service is a great look over by certified professionals. Our technician will inspect the vehicle from inside out and top to bottom.

The main things our techs focus on are frame issues, such as severe rust and suspension concerns. These can be costly to replace. We can also glean a general idea on how well prior owners maintained the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that take advantage of others. Continue by praying for them, and be confident in your upcoming purchase.


Let AllStarr Car Care Check Out the Family Favorite Before You Inherit

For many young adult drivers, it may be time to hand it down – that old clunker your family has used for years. Whether it is a vehicle from your parents, an older sibling, or your aunt who only drove the car for errands, the good news is that well-maintained vehicles can last for many years.

The pros at AllStarr Car Care can perform several preventive measures to extend the life of your older vehicle. Some of these services include brake fluid flush, power steering fluid flush, coolant system service, brake replacement, headlight restoration, and more. AllStarr technicians will advise you on recommended services based on your vehicle’s age and mileage.


Books Can Be Expensive, So Save on Services

Depend on the AllStarr family to guide you in the right direction for your back to school travel. Our technicians know the value of quality education and appreciate how costly going to school can be. Let us help take your mind off car care so you can concentrate on more important things.

When your vehicle requires service, be sure to check the specials on our website. AllStarr Car Care & Brakes is your local service source for getting your vehicle ready for college. With us, you are family, so keep our number handy in your phone contacts. Give us a call or stop in anytime!


Schedule your back to school vehicle check or car maintenance now by calling Allstarr Car Care & Brakes at (304) 768-8848. Revisit our blog for future updates, follow us on Facebook and check out our site.